European Autism Interventions - A Multicentre Study for Developing New Medications (EU-AIMS) - is the largest single grant for autism in the world, and the largest for the study of any mental health disorder in Europe. 

EU-AIMS involves a novel collaboration between organisations representing affected individuals and their famillies (Autism Speaks), academia and Industry who for the first time in the world have come together to develop the infrastructure underpinning new treatments for autism. Patient organizations, academic and industry join forces to develop and assess novel treatment approaches for autism.

An international consortium of scientists, led by Roche and King's College London, has launched one of the largest ever research academic-industry collaboration projects to find new methods for the development of drugs for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  

Major goals of the project EU-AIMS 

We will couple this integrated research effort with the development of new training opportunities and the implementation of new analytical approaches.

By the end of the 5 year project we expect to provide novel validated cellular assays, animal models, new fMRI methods with dedicated analysis techniques, new PET radioligands, as well as new genetic and proteomic biomarkers for patient-segmentation or individual response prediction. We will provide a research network that can rapidly test new treatments in man. These tools should provide our EFPIA partners with an added competitive advantage in developing new drugs for ASD.

EU-AIMS major goals