The EU-AIMS Group

The project EU-AIMS, led by Roche and King's College London is partnered with a selected group of major global pharmaceutical companies, composed of RocheEli LillyServierJanssen Pharmaceutica, Pfizer and Vifor Pharma, and the world's leading Autism Research Charity Autism Speaks (USA).

The academic partners contribute essential skills & knowledge crucial toward the success of this enterprise. Those involved include: 

Aiding this ground-breaking project are two further pharmaceutical small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) deCode Genetics (Iceland) and the high-tech SME Noldus Information Technology (Netherlands) who will contribute to the success of EU-AIMS, while the SME ARTTIC (France) will have the complex task of managing the multi-national project.

 The EU-AIMS group at the Kick- off meeting in Zurich!

The EU-AIMS Group at the Kick-off Meeting in Zurich
The EU-AIMS Group 2016: General Assemly Meeting 2016