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Eli Lilly and Co Ltd.
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Participant's Lead

Dr. Mark Tricklebank
Director, Senior Research Fellow - behavioural neuroscience and pharmacology 
Phone: +44 1276 483930
Fax: +44 1276 483525

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Project Staff

Phil Szekeres

Dr. Philip Graham Szekeres
Program Team Leader PPM / EFPIA Leader of WP05
Phone: 44 1276 484097

Partner Presentation

Lilly is a global pharmaceutical company with active programs in Psychiatry areas relevant to this project. Lilly?s commitment to neuroscience is shown by the contribution the company has made to treatments for depression (Prozac, Cymbalta), ADHD (Straterra) and schizophrenia (zyprexa and the revolutionary mGlu2/3 agonists). A number of disease-modifying approaches are currently being tested in the clinic for Alzheimer?s patients. Collaboration is a key plank in the evolving strategy of the company. In the realm of cognition, the Lilly Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience has recently been established as an industrial-academic consortium and post-doctoral fellowship program focused on improving animal assays and disease models for the discovery of drugs to treat cognitive impairment associated with cognitive dysfunction. Lilly personnel thus have great expertise in a number of areas that will support this project.