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Institut de Recherches Servier
125 Chemin de Ronde
78290 Croissy-sur-Seine

Participant's Lead

Esther Schenker

Dr. Esther Schenker
Research project leader
(Neuroscience Drug Discovery Unit) 
Institut de Recherches Servier
Phone: +33 1 55 72 82 00

Project Staff

Millan Mark

Dr. Millan Mark
Director of Platform Technologies
(Neuroscience Drug Discovery Unit)

Jean Michel Rivet

Dr. Jean Michel Rivet

Partner Presentation

Servier and companies directly or indirectly affiliated to Servier (hereafter "Servier's Group") is a global pharmaceutical company with active programs in Psychiatry areas relevant to this project and has two research centres with major commitments for drug discovery in Psychiatry. Servier?s Group has also a large network of outside investigators and is unique in the integration of outside research into drug discovery. Servier?s Group is unique in having two approved antidepressants, tianeptine (glutamate modulator) and agomelatine (melatonin agonist/5-HT2C antagonist), with mechanisms of action which are novel; agomelatine has just been approved by the EMEA. Moreover novel background mechanistic research will be put into this project.

Servier?s Group personnel have expertise in a number of areas that will support this project:

  • Expertise in behavioural research in rodents
  • Neurochemistry platform using microdialysis in freely moving rodents and analysis of an unique array of analytes addressing neuronal and glial transmission, neuronal integrity and chronobiology
  • Expertise in pharmacokinetics, experimental design, statistics, and project management