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Jean-Baptiste Poline

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Poline

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Project Staff

Vincent Frouin
Research Fellow

Partner Presentation

Neurospin-CEA, a large neuroimaging laboratory part of the institute for biomedical Imaging within CEA has strong expertise in imaging data acquisition, management and processing. Neurospin-CEA is hosting the 2000 subjects cohort of the Imagen project (FP6) and has provided solution to anonymize, transfer, and share the imaging, other phenotypic data and genetic to the Imagen consortium. Neurospin-CEA has recently been chosen to host the ?CATI?, a centre for neuroimaging data management and analysis financed by the french Alzeihmer fundation. Neurospin also acquired expertise in genetic data analyses and has a specific research program on imaging genetics (JB Poline, V. Frouin, B. Thirion) which has obtained 2 French ANR grants in 2011.