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Participant's Lead

Dr. Daniel Hutscheson

Chief Operating Officer
Neuroscience Research Unit


Research Gate

Partner Presentation

Pfizer founded the pharmaceutical industry's first dedicated research unit focused on the discovery and development of medicines for autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The members of the unit oversee efforts that span from basic target discovery and validation, through to phase 2 proof of concept trials in human patients. The unit is actively engaged in the development of platform approaches to evaluating the therapeutic relevance of novel target biology and specific drug candidates. We use in vitro approaches, including shRNAi and iPS cell technologies, to understanding synaptic biology to innovative animal model development. The organization is in a position to leverage its strong expertise with drug development and specific expertise with target engagement and pharmacokinetic studies to support the evaluation of novel mechanistic hypotheses for autism therapeutics in preclinical animal models. Pfizer is supportive of the aims and approaches proposed in the current application.