Röntgen Domus

Röntgen Domus
Egilsgata 3
101 Reykjavík and Þönglabakka 1-6
109 Reykjavík


Participant's Lead

Dr. Birna Jónsdóttir
Managing Director
Phone: +354 551 9333

Research Gate

Partner Presentation

Röntgen Domus is a leader in radiological imaging innovations in Iceladnd since its founding over 20 years ago.  It is the largest service provider of its kind in Iceland and specializes in a wide range of medical imaging related services (including x-ray, CT, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and MRI) and consultations referred by other healthcare professionals handling over 200 such referrals per day.  On staff there are 8 specialists in radiology, 15 roentgen technicians (3 of whom have specialised in fMRI) and 10 support staff.