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Participant's Lead

Tobias Böckers

Prof. Dr. Tobias Böckers
Head of Institute of Anatomy and Cellbiology
Phone: +49 731 500 23221/0


Project Staff

Michael Schmeisser

Dr. Michael Schmeisser
Phone: +49 731 500 23202

Anna-Lena Janssen

Anna-Lena Janssen
Doctorate Student

Partner Presentation

The Boeckers lab is for more than 15 years working on the molecular structure and plasticity of postsynaptic densities. In this context we cloned and characterized several PSD molecules including ProSAP/Shank, ProSAPiP1, LAPSER1 and the Spar family. We were able to analyze the function of the molecules (as well as the mutated forms that are related to autism spectrum disorders/Coop. Th Bougeron, Paris) in different model system including neuronal culture, drosophila, xenopus and transgenic/KO mouse lines. Recently, we additionally started to produce and analyze human neuronal cells via iPS cells that were generated from autism patient?s hair keratinocytes. The lab will therefore provide a wide range of methods, animal autism disease models, iPS technology and a long standing experience in the analysis of synaptic contacts. Dr. Schmeisser in the lab is responsible for the characterization of the mouse models that we would like to provide within the consortium. He is getting help from the technicians Maria Manz and Susanne Gerlach-Arbeiter. Dr. Stefan Liebau has established a successful group that deals with the establishment of iPS cell derived human neurons from unaffected persons and patients suffering from autism spectrum disorders.