University Medical Center Utrecht

University Medical Centre Utrecht

University Medical Centre Utrecht
3508 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands

Participant's Lead

Peter Burbach

Professor Dr. J. Peter H. Burbach
Head of Department Neuroscience and Pharmacology, Division Neuroscience
Phone: +31 88 75 68848
Fax: +31 88 75 69032


Project Staff

Martien Kas

Dr. Martien J.H. Kas
Assistant Professor, Group Leader
Phone: +31 88 75 68179

Sarah Durston

Prof. Dr. Sarah Durston
Head Neuroimaging Lab, Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry

Phone: +31 887559018

Chantal Kemner

Prof. Dr. Chantal Kemner
Professor of Biological Development Psychology

Phone:+31 887556362

Jacob Vorstman

Dr. Jacob Vorstman
Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Phone: +31 88 75 58141

Niels Geijsen

Prof. Niels Geijsen
Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Group Leader
Phone: +31 30 212 18 00

Maretha de Jonge

Dr. Maretha de Jonge
Assistant Professor, child psychologist
Phone:+31 88 75 57470

Kristel Kleijer, PhD student
Dr. Leonie De Visser, postdoc
Nicolette Munsters, MSc., PhD Student
Roy Hessels, MSc.,PhD Student
Carlijn van den Boomen, MSc., PhD Student
Lilli van Wielink, MSc., l, MSc., Research Assistant

Partner Presentation

The UMCU harbours the Rudolf Magnus Institute (RMI), the major clinical, preclinical and fundamental neuroscience institute with focus on neurodevelopmental disorders, predominantly autism and schizophrenia. It is allied to the Hubrecht Institute, the Dutch stronghold in fundamental research on development and stem cells. The RMI has access to over 1000 new patients per year in psychiatry and is equipped with advanced human molecular genetics and imaging using 3T and 7T MRI scanners. It is a training site for diagnostic instruments of ASD. Clinical research has a focus on neuroimaging and genetics. Preclinical research is focused on neurodevelopmental functions of disease genes in mouse models and translation to experimental treatments. Fundamental research concerns mechanisms of development and stem cells.